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Why You Need a Celebrant-Led Wedding!

Celebrant-led weddings are rising in popularity.

But what is a celebrant? What is the process of working with one? And, most importantly, why do you need one for your wedding ceremony?

What is a celebrant?

Celebrants are like the fairy godparents of ceremonies, specialising in weddings, funerals, namings (both child and adult), and vow renewals. They work their magic to create ceremonies that sparkle with personal touches, reflecting the unique beliefs, values, and preferences of those involved.

In the case of weddings, instead of a run-of-the-mill ceremony conducted by a registrar or a member of a place of worship (who are all very lovely, but limited in what they can offer), celebrants bring a breath of fresh air, allowing couples to ditch the cookie-cutter approach and design a wedding that’s as unique as their love story.


Here are some ideas to sprinkle that extra touch of magic…

Family and Friends

Unleash the talents of your nearest and dearest! Got a harpist bestie? A singing sibling? A poetry-loving uncle? Put those skills to good use and make your ceremony a family and friend showcase.

Think Outside the Box

Celebrant-led weddings are all about breaking free from the traditional shackles. Fancy wearing a red wedding dress? Want to incorporate a reading from your favourite sci-fi novel or exchange vows while juggling? Dream big and make your wedding as unique as you.

Ceremony Elements

Spice up your ceremony with some special elements! Handfasting, Wine or Cocktail Blending, lighting a Unity Candle – with a celebrant, the possibilities really are as endless as your love. We can also create brand new rituals tailor-made just for you.


So, you’ve decided that a *celebrant-led wedding is for you. What happens next?

Let’s break down the magic behind creating your perfect celebration…

Let’s Chat

First things first, we’ll meet either in person or virtually on Zoom. This is our chance to get to know each other, see if we click, and for you to decide if I’m the celebrant of your dreams.


If we hit it off and you choose me as your celebrant, I’ll send you my booking form. Consider the date officially marked on our celebratory calendar, exclusively for you.

Let the Fun Begin

We’ll then arrange a cosy meet-up at a local Costa or, if you prefer, we can kick back in your living room with a cuppa. We’ll dive deep into your dreams and plans for the big day, exploring your love story, what makes you a dynamic duo, and even a sprinkle of what you adore (and don’t!) about each other.

Writing Time

Armed with the scoop from our heart-to-heart, I’ll create a bespoke ceremony script. You’ll get the VIP treatment with ample time to review and add your personal touch. Need help with vows? No worries, I’ve got you covered.

On the Day

The big day arrives, and I’ll make my entrance about an hour early. Forget jitters – I’m there to help. I’ll be your backstage crew, calming nerves, solving any bridesmaid crises, and ensuring that everything is on point. I’ll ensure that your magical ceremony unfolds just as you envisioned by liaising with the photographer and venue staff.

Once my part of your day is over, I’ll grab a picture with the happy couple, wish you a magical future together with a huge hug, and then silently slip away while you go on to enjoy the rest of your special day and your happily-ever-after.


Want to know more about working with me as your celebrant?

Fill in the enquiry form on my Homepage or send a WhatsApp message on 07521 737437.

*It is important to mention here that a celebrant-led wedding is not legally binding - read my blog Celebrant-Led Wedding Ceremony and The Legal Bit - How Does It All Work? to find out more about this.


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