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Louise and Carlos | Horwood House

On 21st April (2024), I had the privilege of officiating at the wedding of Louise and Carlos at the stunning venue of Horwood House Hotel in Buckinghamshire.

As always, I arrived around an hour before the ceremony was due to start to talk with venue staff and introduce myself to any other suppliers who were working together to make Louise and Carlos’ day perfect for them.

When I turned up, I was greeted to the beautiful sound of the violin as Laura rehearsed the music choices for the ceremony. Having that playing in the background certainly added to the atmosphere as I prepared myself for the big moment and was perfect for the sophisticated and stylish feel for the wedding itself.

I also managed to have a quick natter with Carlos and Louise’s photographer, Helen. As a celebrant, I always make contact with the couple’s photographer before the wedding day to introduce myself and like to catch up quickly on the day. This enables us to discuss a) the best positioning for lighting and photograph opportunities of the couple and b) the best positioning for myself so that I don’t photobomb every picture taken!

Arriving at the venue early, on this occasion, meant that not only could I do my usual meet and greet with other suppliers and the groom (who did marvellously well at keeping his cool), but it allowed me the opportunity to introduce myself to a VIP member of the wedding party… Louise and Carlos’ ringbearer, their five-year-old son, Mason.

As we approached the beginning of the ceremony, Carlos and his four groomsmen stood together at the front looking just fabulous when Mason had a little bit of a wobble – let’s face it, looking so adorable and having such a huge responsibility can be pretty overwhelming for one so young! No amount of coaxing from grandparents was going to remove him from daddy’s neck! As mild panic began to set in, the lure of the important looking chair next to where I was standing won, and we could move on to welcoming Louise and her bridal party.

To the beautiful sound of Christina Perry’s ‘A Thousand Years’ being played by Laura, Louise’s three beautiful bridesmaids, dressed in stunning gold-coloured dresses entered. Behind them, Louise, looking absolutely stunning, was escorted to Carlos by her father.

The ceremony that we’d put together in the months leading up to the wedding was beautifully traditional and full of emotion. Louise and Carlos had written their own heartfelt vows to each other. I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house as they read them out, awarding them both a round of applause when they each managed to get to the end of theirs. Louise even read some of hers out in Italian as a salute to Carlos’ culture and their Italian guests.

After the ceremony, the guests joined the happy couple in the grounds for celebratory drinks. I managed to grab them aside for a minute or two for a quick picture and then left them to enjoy the rest of their day which, I’ve heard, was just as beautiful as the beginning of it.

Congratulations Louise and Carlos!


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