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Capturing the Magic: Top Tips for Perfect Wedding Ceremony Photos


Today's guest blog is written by the lovely Rebecca of Rebecca Jones Photography.

Hi there lovelies, I'm Rebecca from Rebecca Jones Photography ( | I'm a wedding photographer covering the North West and I've had the absolute privilege of capturing the happiest days of couples lives for over 10 years now (wow, that makes me feel old!) I specialise in relaxed, countryside weddings - from farms, to country houses to marquees at family homes and everything in between - the more wellies and dogs the better!

I'm so excited to feature on Suzanne’s wonderful blog and I'm here to spill the beans on how to achieve the best photos from your wedding ceremony!

Embrace your Moment

First things first, let’s talk about that unforgettable moment when the bride takes that iconic walk down the aisle. Now, I get it, nerves can make you want to stare at your feet like they're the most interesting thing in the world, but trust me, there’s something even more captivating waiting for you at the end of that aisle – your best friend! So, chin up, make eye contact with some of your guests, or if the nerves are too much, focus on your partner and soak in every moment as you make your grand entrance.

The Importance of Space

Next up, let’s talk about that oh-so-important altar space. Keeping the altar space clear from too many people gives me the freedom to discreetly capture the best angles. If there is a lot of space available at the front then floral displays are not a problem, and make for a beautiful backdrop to your ceremony, but if the space available is limited then it can make it hard to be able to unobtrusively capture the best angles of your important moments.

Let there be light

For photographers, the most important key to beautiful images is lots of gorgeous natural light. Try to ensure that the place where you will stand to tie the knot is bathed in lots of lovely natural light, next to a large window, or even outside!

First Kiss

Now, about that first kiss – let’s make it a moment to remember! None of those quick pecks here please lovelies! Take a breath, savour the moment, and let that kiss linger. Trust me, it’ll make for some seriously gorgeous photos that you’ll cherish for a lifetime. Why not go all in and add a little dip to your first kiss too? And an added bonus is your guests will love it!

To unplug or not to unplug

Ah, but what about those pesky guests and their smartphones? Picture this: you’ve just said “I do” and you’re walking back up the aisle as newlyweds, surrounded by a sea of waving phones. Not exactly the romantic moment you envisioned, right? That’s where the beauty of an unplugged ceremony comes in. By kindly asking your guests to keep their phones tucked away during the ceremony, you not only ensure that everyone is fully present in the moment, but you also avoid any accidental photobombs that could ruin those picture-perfect shots.

Second kiss

I highly recommend pausing for a second on your walk back up the aisle as husband and wife and having a second kiss! This will give your photographer the opportunity to capture the kiss from a different angle - at the first kiss your photographer will be up at the front, but the second kiss will have the altar and any floral backdrops etc in the background and you will be surrounded by your guests - a beautiful moment.

So here's to a wedding day filled with all the love and magic, and photos that will give you butterflies and take you right back to that very moment on the happiest day of your lives.

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